An effective purgative and laxative formula: Magnesium Sulphate Strong laxative, helps rumen microbes in digestion of dietary fibers. It also helps in prevention and treatment of Grass Staggers in cows and buffaloes. Sodium thiosulphate Anti dysentery. Sodium sulphate Provides necessary sodium in diet. Gentian violet Acts as a fungicide in feed. Ginger Anti-oxidant, Anti-microbial in feed. Increases FCR. Increases secretion of digestive enzymes e.g Lipase, protease and disaccharides. Linseed Beneficial on fat profile and immune system. Increases level of ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) in resultant meat and milk. Magnesium carbonate Neutralizes excess acid in rumen of animals. This is useful in purgative ,laxative,constipation, gas release,colic and ruminal bloat.

1.Purgative ,Rumenotoric and laxative..
2.Helps in better bowel evacuation..
3.Binds selectively and expels out through dung..
4.Suitable for bloat , colic ,constipation and restlessness postures...
5.Brings back intestinal motility to normal levels..
Usages & Administration
Camel, Hourse:large animals as laxative 1gm/kg body weight as purgative 2gm/kg of body weight
Calves,sheep &Goats : 1gm/kg body weight or advised by a veterinarian
Route:Oralas drench or via stomachtubes or advised by a veterinarian
or advised by a veterinarian